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More books available at Boson Books

Bitingduck Press has merged with Boson Books, who have been publishing e-books since 1994.  Many Boson titles are also available in print.

Boson Books are available at

The Yoga Facelift (2nd Edition) Now Available!

The Yoga Facelift (2nd Edition) Now Available!

The all-natural, do-it-yourself program for looking younger and feeling better.

An illustrated guide to gentle exercises for the face and neck. Based upon the muscle structure of the face, these exercises target areas that are prone to sagging as we age. Firm the jawline, smooth the brow, and take off years with this series of […]

Available Now!  <br/>Truly Tricky Graduate Problems in Physics

Available Now!
Truly Tricky Graduate Problems in Physics

Collected over twenty years of studying, teaching, and research, these problems range from gems taken from the classic literature to sticky issues we’ve seen in our own labs. Divided into four sections–Classic Mechanics, Statistical & Thermal Physics, Mathematical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics– this book will be useful for graduate students studying for quals or anyone […]