Coming 2014: The Devil, The Flame, & the Shadow


Coming 2014: The Devil, The Flame, & the Shadow

The Devil, the Flame, and the Shadow

There’s the devil to pay when young Isaac Gravesend gets caught up in the plot of the infamous pirate captain Sam Ell. Shanghaied and forced to sign articles with little hope of rescue, he and his mysterious friend Fiona become first-hand witnesses as captain Ell and his crew steal a navy frigate, the Flame, and use her to cut a bloody swath across the Caribbean.

In the meantime, commodore Thomas Marner pursues the pirates relentlessly, unsure of the fate of the children, but determined to do his duty and bring the pirates to justice.

The stakes are upped though, when the kids discover Sam Ells’ true plan…

Genre: Young adult pirate adventure (ages 11+)

About the Author

Amber Matteson is a writer, artist, ne’er-do-well, and traditional sailor. When not at sea she lives with her family in Washington state. A mendacious soul, she rarely tells the simple truth when a story would do

Reclusive and slightly insane, except when she’s not, it is advisable to approach with caution.

Amber on Chieftain

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