Other Services

All editorial services are offered without fees to authors of accepted manuscripts. In addition, we also offer editing on a paid basis for other documents (to avoid conflict of interest, this is only for documents that you do not intend to submit to us for publication consideration). Bitingduck’s copyeditor is a freelance editor who can help you make a good first impression with your masterpiece, be it a text book, strategic plan, grant proposal, journal article, autobiography, or great American novel.

Susan Foster enjoys working with authors of all stripes—geeks, nerds, creative writers, dreamers, scientists, engineers. She has over four decades of experience in aerospace R&D, where she seemingly specialized in changing thats to whiches and whiches to thats, morphing en dashes into em dashes, and reconciling the hobgoblins of foolish inconsistencies. She admires and relishes collaborating with technical writers for whom English is a second (or third or fourth) language.

Susan will work with you to scope the work and establish a budget and schedule. You can pick and choose from a variety of services:

  • •Copyediting (also called mechanical editing): Edit punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, flow, and consistency.
  • •Comprehensive editing: Suggest content and structural changes, including organization, format, language style (such as person, voice, cadence).
  • •Fact checking
  • •Integrity editing: Ensure cross-references to document elements (tables, figures, equations, in-text citations, references) are correct.
  • •Formatting: Lay out the document, integrate graphics and text, ensure compliance with required formats and style guides.

Rates are flexible: by the word, by the page, by the hour, by the job.

Ready to discuss how Susan can assist you with your magnum opus? Contact her at artnsoul2433 at sbcglobal.net