Bill Bunn at a signing for Duckboy

The following links will take you to our own press releases as well as to features and interviews with Bitingduck/Boson editors and writers that have appeared in the media.

Press releases

04/25/2012: A Publisher for Geeks

04/25/2012: Release of Somebody Wants Somebody Dead

05/03/2012: Merger with Boson

05/16/2012: World’s Greenest Press

06/01/2012: Our First Short Fiction Contest

06/26/2012: Books and Science at ShoreLeave34

07/16/2012: Why Americans Should Monitor the 2012 Election, Democracy Undone

07/23/2012: A Look Inside Big Science with A Slow Cold Death

08/15/2012: All New Yoga Facelift

08/27/2012: A New Way to Sell E-books

09/18/2012: Web-Bytez goes live

09/28/2012: The story of Duck Boy

10/04/2012: About Democracy Undone

10/23/2012: Democracy Undone Released

11/20/2012: Duck Boy takes flight

11/26/2012: A Slow Cold Death released

01/08/2013: About Nicole Wolverton’s The Trajectory of Dreams

01/28/2013: About Bill Bunn’s Hymns of Home

02/13/2013: Publication of The Yoga Facelift

02/21/2013: Michael Aye’s new historical fiction series

02/25/2013: Release of The Trajectory of Dreams

03/01/2013: Bitingduck Press Editors Expand Into Freelance Editing and Design

03/18/2013: Bitingduck Press Kicks off WebBytez e-Book Sales in Mill Valley

03/19/2013: Psychological Thriller The Trajectory of Dreams Rockets to Success

03/26/2013: Books and Webbytez at LA Times Festival of Books

04/08/2013: A full catalog of YA fiction coming 2014

04/18/2013: Bitingduck Press thinks of the Ducks

04/30/2013: Release of Only the Moon Howls

05/13/2013: Trajectory of Dreams at the BEA

05/20/2013: Book Review TV interactive review of A Slow Cold Death

06/05/2013: “SCHOOL”: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction with Contemporary Features

06/26/2013: A Warm Reception in Rainy Alberta for Bill Bunn’s Hymns of Home

07/15/2013: Bitingduck Press’s Bill Bunn in Los Angeles-Area Book Tour

07/31/2013: Bitingduck Press and Boson Books Celebrate One Year Anniversary of Merger

08/19/2013: Bitingduck Press Kicks off 2015 Hard Sci-Fi Theme With Rozanski’s “The Mindtraveler”

08/25/2013: A Vanished German U-boat is Found Seventy Years Later by a Troubled Teen in “Coup de Grace”

09/10/2013: Bitingduck Press to Take Advantage of Amazon’s MatchBook Program

09/22/2013: Debut Novelist’s YA Adventure, “SCHOOL.,” Gives Voice to the Carolinas

10/07/2013: Phillip Gardner’s New Short Story Collection Explores Life, Death, and the Ability to Love

10/31/2013: Phillip Gardner’s Short Story Collection, Available Light, Available Worldwide in Print and Electronic

11/27/2013: Jean Beatty’s 1950s Mystery/Romance, Different Drummers, Available Worldwide in Print

11/28/2013: Bitingduck Press Releases Truly Tricky Graduate Physics Problems in Truly Tricky Formats

12/18/2013: A New Kind of Medical Thriller in Susy Gage’s “Not Easy Being Green,” Coming 2015 from Bitingduck

01/14/2014: Bitingduck Press Looks Forward to 2014 With Multimedia E-books

01/30/2014: ParenTrapped, an interactive e-guide to help prepare adults for their parents’ later years, Coming Fall 2014

02/24/2014: Awards and Speaking Engagements Greet Phillip Gardner’s New Short Story Collection, “Available Light

02/28/2014: “School.,” a Multimedia Print Book, Released March 1 from Bitingduck Press

03/20/2014: “Puswhisperer,” Tales of an Infectious Disease Specialist, Coming this Fall from Bitingduck Press

03/26/2014: “Abraham Marilyn Lincoln Monroe,” A Humorous Hard Sci-Fi Adventure, Coming 2015 from Bitingduck Press

04/22/2014: Nicole Wolverton’s Psychological Thriller, “The Trajectory of Dreams,” Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary With Author Events and a Two-Week $0.99 Promotion

06/05/2014: “School,” Contemporary YA Fiction

07/15/15: Advance copies of “Billy Tabbs” now available

07/28/15: Advance copies of “Puswhisperer” now available

08/27/14: See us at the Solano Stroll

09/15/14: BDP signs print distribution contract with SPD Books

09/29/14: Susy Gage’s “Not Easy Being Green“: “Hey, where’s my smallpox?”

10/20/2014: “Year of the Mite,” Scary, Funny, Practical Nonfiction Coming 2015

11/18/2014: “Come Out Tonight,” Hard Sci-Fi with a Neuroscience Angle

11/24/2014: “Kill Shot” is a Fast-Paced Teen Adventure Coming 2015

12/14/2014: Michael Aye’s “Horseshoe Bend” Now Available

12/30/2014: Lou DeLena’s “ParenTrapped” Now Available

1/20/2015: “Puswhisperer” Now Available

1/29/2015: “The Mindtraveler” Now Available

Media features

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A great review of Duck Boy from Freefall magazine; download the file here

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Susy Gage author interview

Jay featured in Physics Today

Jay and Marie in USA Today

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Interview with Jay on Storiad

Author Nicole Wolverton interviewed by AmyBeth Inverness

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