Available Now: Degrees of Freedom


Available Now: Degrees of Freedom

Lives are at stake!

The new class of physics grad students has arrived at Midwestern U, and it’s not just grades making them nervous. Academic collegiality turns into fear and distrust as they discover their classmates have skeletons in their closets and their department exams will drive all but a few out of the program. When one of their fellow students is shot to death in front of the Foucault pendulum, all anyone cares about is how the police questioning will throw off their study schedules. But when official suspicion falls in all the wrong places, and it looks as though the killer is still around, they have to work together to find the real killer before someone else dies or they all fail out.

The third in the Lori Barrow mystery series, this prequel is a flashback to 1991, back when students checked paper journals out of libraries, the LOLcat had not been invented, and the most sophisticated Internet search was finger. Lori is just turning 17, and finding out that doing the homework is the easiest part of getting a PhD.

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