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More books available at Boson Books

Bitingduck Press has merged with Boson Books, who have been publishing e-books since 1994.  Many Boson titles are also available in print.

Boson Books are available at

Writer’s Guide to On-Line Marketing

An intern at Boson prepared Writer’s Guides to social media, which we’re offering here for the benefit of all our writers and other writers who happen to stop by. Please read, use, comment as you see fit.

The first is a guide to Twitter. The second is a blogging guide. The third covers Facebook. All […]

Barcodes, Barcodes, Barcodes!

Barcodes, Barcodes, Barcodes!

One of the big headaches in getting from a completed manuscript to a completed book is the ISBN and barcode. Getting an ISBN is a post or two of its own, but assuming you have them, people often want to charge you an arm and a leg (or a web!) to take a few digits […]

What happens after a contract?

All authors want to know, What happens to my book after I sign a contract? This is what we do here at Bitingduck.

1. First off are the macro-edits. A primary editor will choose to work with your book, and will read through it for plot flow, ‘hook,’ discrepancies and other details. You will get […]

Why E-books are Green

There have been some interesting studies lately comparing the energy cost of traditional print books vs. e-books. I enjoyed the articles below and recommend them to our readers!

From GreenLiving

Infographic from CleanTechnica

Analysis from EcoLibris



Book interior in InDesign

This is a brief guide to making a layout for a book interior in Adobe InDesign, starting from a plain text file. I’ll do a more sophisticated one later that uses an xml file and tags. It allows you to make a nice-looking book without having to venture too far […]

How to format an e-book

How to format an e-book

The following instructions will give you a beautiful e-book in the format of your choice, without the problems of section breaks, etc. that are often seen in self-published books. We are grateful to Guido Henkel for some of these tips; check out his site if […]

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