Available now: Puswhisperer III


Available now: Puswhisperer III

An entirely new compendium of clinical tales from Mark Crislip, MD, the “Puswhisperer.” As in his previous collections, Puswhisperer I and II, Puswhisperer III provides clinical gems from a decades-long practice in infectious disease. From flu to staph to Legionnaire’s to tuberculosis, HIV, and a few zebras, Puswhisperer will test your diagnostic acumen and ensure that you never miss an endocarditis or a Lyme disease. If you’re a physician, this is a fun way to help you pass what Crislip consistently refers to as the Boreds. If you’re not a clinician, but simply have a fondness for our bacterial and fungal overlords, then read the Puswhisperer and learn about microorganisms you’ve never heard of before (or ones whose names have been changed by pesky microbiologists at their annual meeting).

Dr. Crislip is an award-winning blogger and vlogger whose multimedia empire is hosted on edgydoc.com

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