Available now: Ares, 8th in The Fighting Anthonys


Available now: Ares, 8th in The Fighting Anthonys

It’s 1781 and the war with the Colonies is not going well for the British. Admiral Rodney has raided the Dutch island of Saint Eustatius, taking a great fortune in treasure. He sends a large part of his fleet back to England as escorts for the treasure ship, causing severe consequences later when his ships are needed the most.

Vice Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony is recalled to England for a new assignment, and brings his squadron, including younger brother Captain Gabriel “Sir Gabe” Anthony, who has been given command of Ares, a French prize. She is a razee, a fast and a heavily armed forty-four gun frigate.

While in England, Gabe’s life is threatened and he is aided by a homeless waif that he’d befriended. The boy is gravely wounded, and when he heals, Gabe’s uncle Dagan discovers the boy is more than he appears. The Foreign Services Secret Department requests that Gabe be assigned to them to transport their agents around the Caribbean. As he returns to Antigua, Gabe suddenly finds himself dealing with England’s spy network. Fighting the Americans, French, Spain, and now the Dutch puts his ship and crew to their biggest test ever.

Can Gabe, as captain, stand the test!?

8th in the popular Fighting Anthonys series by maritime author Michael Aye. Visit his website here.

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