Available now: Puswhisperer4


Available now: Puswhisperer4

Mark Crislip returns with more surprises from our microbial overlords. In his 30 years of practice he’s seen rare bacteria, common bacteria, common bacteria in rare places, complications you can’t name and stories that will make you scrub your hands until they’re raw and char your food until it’s in cinders. Mycobacteria that cause skin infections can grow in old bomb craters left over from World War II. Acute HIV infection can present as meningoencephalitis. If it’s got a flagellum, the Puswhisperer has seen it and tried to kill it, and he shares his fourth volume of pearls with anyone who loves infectious disease and the organisms that infect us.

About the Author

Mark Crislip, MD has been a practicing Infectious Disease specialist since 1990. He is the founder of the Society for Science-Based Medicine and blogged for Medscape for many years. His multimedia may be found at edgydoc.com.

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